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Fun at the beach with Motorized Beach Wheelchairs

Cant get to the beach? We can help!

Our motorized beach wheelchair rental service will give you the freedom, mobility and independence that will enable you to enjoy being on the beach with family and friends. Give us a call, and we'll get one of these beauties ready just for you. We can mount the joystick on either side, or completely remove it so your caregiver has control. We can make independent adjustments to foot rest length, height, width and rotation.

There is no Greater Enjoyment than spending time with your family.

little kate enjoying a dune busting time on a motorized beach wheel chair

Here is Lil' Kate breaking in one of our NEW "Small Fry" motorized beach wheelchairs. Small Fry beach wheelchairs have a smaller seat, smaller rear wheels and a lower seat height that make it easier for our smaller customers to get in and out of their beach wheelchair.

8 foot umbrella makes sure you enjoy your day at the beach with our electric beach wheelchair

After you motor your beach wheelchair to your favorite spot on the beach, open one of our optional beach umbrellas for instant shade. Rent our gigantic multicolor beach umbrella for only $5.00 per day. It mounts to the chair so you don't have to bury it in the sand!

our powered beach wheelchair does more than sand

Our chairs can do More than just get you to the beach. Never miss another Exciting trail excursion again!

Our custom-made motorized beach wheelchairs are made from a welded aluminum frame with numerous adjustments, and comes with a padded, comfortable seat that partially reclines. We do not take credit for inventing the beach wheelchair. There are several manufacturers on the west coast who build and sell similar beach wheelchairs. The major difference between them and us is that they sell their new chairs for $7000--$10,000 and we rent our used chairs for $60 to $70 per day. Renting allows a much greater number of folks to enjoy getting to the beach.

There is nothing like a day at the beach in one of our fantastic motorized beach wheelchairs. Our powered beach wheelchairs will afford the disabled vacationer the mobility to access the beach, so you dont have to watch all of the fun from the condo. Our sand is sugar white once again and awaits your arrival.