Beach Power Rentals, Beach Wheelchairs for increased mobility.
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We will make a beach wheelchair reservation for you with a $100 security/damage deposit. You may cancel your motorized beach wheelchair reservation at any time up until 72 hours before the rental is scheduled to start and receive a partial refund. We must still charge a $25 fee which includes credit card billing twice, plus a nonrefundable booking fee.

If you cancel the beach wheelchair reservation after the 72 hour time frame you still may not lose your deposit. When we are booked solid, we start taking names and numbers of people wanting to rent a beach wheelchair. If we are able to rent the motorized beach wheelchair within 72 hours of your cancellation, we will still refund $75 of your deposit. If we are unable to rent the beach wheelchair during the 72 hour period, we will retain your entire deposit.

If you decide to cancel your beach wheelchair rental after delivery and there are no mechanical problems with the chair, we will try to find another renter for the chair.

If you must cancel because of a named storm heading in our direction, we will refund your entire deposit.If we are not successful, we have no choice but to charge you for the entire rental. If we are successful in finding another renter, we will reimburse you for the days that we are able to save.

If you have a mechanical problem with your chair, normally, we can make a quick repair. If we are unable to repair the chair, we will exchange another chair for you. If we cannot supply you with a functional chair for any reason during any part of your reservation, we will refund the money for the days involved.

The last thing we want is an unhappy customer. We will do almost anything to make you happy. We are well aware of what our beach wheelchairs mean to our customers. We have had customers who have rented from us for 3 consecutive seasons...and we want to keep it that way.